Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Party 2010

Oh Yea, We had FUN!!! Dang that food was good. Loved hanging out. Not sure what happened during the big game, but who cares... Hanging out with friends is so much more important! Thanks Steph for hosting another awesome party!

Brin is 3!

Happy birthday sweetie. Brin had her very best friend over to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday. She got barbies, pom poms, and a my little pony beauty shop. Grandma Collins got her the Barbie Three Musketeers movie. She has watched that over and over and over....

Oh no! I guess the terrible two's don't end at 2 :0( Alli and Brin painted all over Brin's bed with nail polish and lip stick. As you can see, nail polish doesn't just stick on nails. And No it doesn't wash out of sheets!

Christmas 2009

We decided that it was about time to start making gram cracker houses again. Next time I will have to remember to get more candy since I couldn't keep the kids (and adults) from eating it all. Of course we had our extended family (the Goodworths) over to join us in the fun.

Caden thought it might be fun to be the Christmas tree this year. At the annual Hyer Christmas Eve party we had a great time as always. We played the candy bar game. As you can see it was just as fun and crazy as all of our get togethers. This year we missed Darren's Family, Jared's Family, and Leilani (she was sick, boo).
We had an awesome Christmas this year. Caden and Holly got Snow boards. Emilie and Talon got skis. Jeff got a big screen TV (thanks to his parents buying a new flat TV,yea!). Ports was loaded with lego's and Brin got a new baby doll and some other fun toys.
Our Christmas party with the Collins Family fell on New Years Eve. Grandma Collins planned all kinds of fun activities. I wish I would have got a picture of our scrabble game... We split up into 3 teams and we each were given a box of scrabble cheese nips. It was a fun and yummy game. I have to add that Mine and Jeff's team won! We also decorated cookies, played pictionary, band hero, and exchanged presents. This year we had an especially great year doing Christmas for a very deserving and wonderful family. When Stephanie gave a report of delivering the presents with Santa, there wasn't many dry eyes in the room. I am pretty sure this will become our new family tradition.

Grandma made sure that we had plenty of noise makers to bring in the new year right.
We missed Corey's Family this year.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's All About Emilie

My sweet little girl just turned 8! This of course is a very special birthday. Emilie has been so excited to be baptised. She was counting down the days. I was also looking forward to getting some beautiful pictures of my little doll in her white dress. As you can see she is absolutely beautiful (prejudices aside...she is adorable)!

Emilie was baptised by her Daddy. Thanks to all who came to support her on this very important day!
Emmie's birthday comes at such a fun time, just 4 days before Halloween. So of course we have to have fun with it! She picked her meal (a family tradition), I just spiced it up a bit.
We figured that since she was going to get baptised on Halloween that we might as well have a huge Halloween party afterward. What a fun excuse to PARTAY! Lots of yummy fun food. I wish I would have thought to take pictures of all the fun Halloween goodies. We had a costume contest, which was won by Amber's fiance Jon. He was the cutest call girl I've ever seen!
We carved pumpkins, learned the Thriller dance, went trick-0r-treating on a hey ride, and just had a blast!

In picture:

Greg and Sherilynn Goodworth (Octomom and Scarecrow), Alex Hansen (Death), Jeff Collins (the Nun), Steve and Mandy (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb), Tate was Bumblebee, Tyler a skunk, Talon (that scary masked skeleton thing), Taden Gunn (as himself), Me (a Gypsy), Grandpa Collins (SCARY monster), Grandma Collins (witch), Cameron (the Grim Reaper), Brant (an injured hockey player), Steph and Russ Hansen (Frankinstin's bride, and a Punk rocker), Savanah (a kitty cat), Stetson Gunn ( Who knows what that is!!), Madison M. (Super Woman), Jon and Amber (the Call girl and his Pimp), Alison G. (Santa), Grandpa and Grandma Hyer (Weirdo and Flapper), Emilie (devil), Stephanie and Maurlee (herself and a princess), I can't see Caden or Ports, but they were Death and an Army guy. Also not in picture...Jacob and Justin. Leilani's Family and the rest of Carries Family (left early...Party Poopers!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

May I Have this Dance?

Pause the music at the bottom of the blog so you can hear the music they were dancing with :0)

Key the music! Anytime music is playing, these kids love to dance. They are so dang cute!!! I'm glad I thought to record it since I've never seen them dance like this before!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nice Lashes!

Just thought I would show off my lashes (compliments of Latisse). I love them!!! If you don't know what Latisse is, google it... It is a RX that you can get that actually helps you grow your eyelashes LONGER, THICKER, and DARKER. Can't beat that!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Caden!

Caden is now a Deacon! He is so excited to now go to young men's and to be able to pass the Sacrament. He did such a great time on Sunday. Cade is such a good boy, one of the best! He is also very excited to be in middle school. His favorite class is band with Mr. Goodworth. He says he is going to make band cool :0). He is starting on the Trumpet. He will do great I'm very sure. Cade is a very smart boy and excels in school. Most everything comes easy for him. He is also a great help around the house and also a great babysitter. Love you Caden!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

14th Anniversary!

What a wonderful 14 years we have had. We both marvel at how much more we love each other since the day we were married. At that time it seemed impossible that it could be stronger. We are the perfect match in all ways. Thanks honey for the wonderful day you gave me on Sat. We had so much fun! Also, thanks to Leilani for taking the kids for the weekend so we could have some nice alone time!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Is this all we did all summer? Pretty much!

In the past the Collins Family has gone to Lagoon for a wild and crazy day of rides, however this year we decided to go to Bear Lake. We all had so much fun.
Calub is the Little Mermaid, Talon build the Logan Temple, Caden created his version of the Bear Lake Monster, and Aimee, Calub, and Josh built great castles!

We were the only ones willing to try water skiing...Caden, Talon, Holly, Jeff, and Russ Hansen. The rest are a bunch of babies!

Porter had his 5th Birthday! He got a Gameboy and some games from us and Grandma and Grandpa Collins. He also got $6, which he is very excited to spend. He chose Pizza for dinner, always a favorite for him!

Porter is such a fun little guy. He always has a way of making me smile and laugh. Port's best friend is Carson Goodworth. They LOVE to hang out and do so almost on a daily basis. He is also my pickiest eater. I think he only loves meat and sweet...He at least isn't gagging anymore when I make him try new things. One baby step at a time. I am hoping by his next birthday that he will at least eat a few veggies and fruits! Porter is a great singer, however he requires some bribery sometimes to do his best singing. He loves to sing How Firm a Foundation. He is also great at choosing the right...well most of the time anyway :0)
Love you Ports!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parades and Beaches, What fun!

This is a picture from our 5th parade we have done this summer! The the
me was "Back in time 2009". I didn't know that this parade was on Monday, I thought I had a full week to get ready for it, but no I had 1 day, and what can you do on a Sunday to get ready?? So after cramming my brain for a little bit I thought, Big hair 80's would be so funny. I was totally laughing my butt off as I was getting us all ready. It was like stepping back in time with my hair :0). I wish I would have got a better pic of Talon, he was halarious! Under his jacket all he had on was some big necklases. Isn't Brin a doll! Anyway, our float theme was "Then...Now, Bear Lake ROCKS!!!" We had 80's music blaring out a speaker, and we got some pretty good laughs as we went by! :0) Too Fun!

This is Brin's new cousin Tyler. Mandy and Steve are his foster parents. They have just been given the go ahead to adopt this little cutie. I am so happy for all of them. He will be very loved and cherished in thier family! The other pic is Carrie, Mandy, Ty, and me :0)

Janice, Julie, Meg, Sherilyn, and some of our kids